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Bodies of Serbs exhumed from Croatian cemetery UPI, May 09, 2013
All the dead were killed in Operation Storm, a Croatian offensive in August 1995 that effectively ended the war. About 2,000 Serbs were killed and thousands more expelled from Croatia in a move Serbia describes as ethnic cleansin
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EU court to rule in Kosovo organ trafficking trial AFP, April 28, 2013
In his closing remarks earlier this month, special European prosecutor Jonathan Ratel said that "illegal transplants undoubtedly took place in the clinic," carried out by an alleged "international organ trafficking network."
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Bring up the bodies The New Yorker, April 28, 2013
The men who led the K.L.A. remained a fearsome presence in the country, posing a threat to anyone who spoke out, and ethnic Serbs were a powerless bloc, falling to less than two per cent of the population. Unlike Argentina, South Africa, and Sierra Leone, Kosovo failed to establish its own truth-and-reconciliation commission.
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Bosnia: regional president arrested in anti-corruption operation Euronews, April 26, 2013
The president of Bosnia’s Muslim-Croat federation has been arrested in an anti-corruption probe, according to a spokesman for the state prosecutor.
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Serbia considers risky referendum on Kosovo accord Reuters, April 26, 2013
Serbia raised the possibility of a referendum on Thursday on an accord to end the ethnic partition of its former Kosovo province, a high-stakes gamble that could cost Belgrade talks on joining the European Union.
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Bosnia risks seeing EU path "frozen" without reform: commissioner Reuters, April 11, 2013
Bosnia's bid to join the European Union faces being "frozen" and a planned election next year declared invalid without urgent reform of its constitution, the EU enlargement commissioner said on Thursday.
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